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Hi! My name is Konstantin Turkov, I am an artist. I'll tell you about my life am a real rock'n'roller in the art world I am going to my goal, and I will achieve it!!! He started his career in digital art - NFT. In the future, he began to paint oil paintings in his developed new style of "Neoexcubism" Neoexcubism combined two styles of painting paintings.This is Cubism and neo-expressionism - one of the most mysterious and incomprehensible trends in the world of painting. For this reason, many people do not understand it. In order to understand Cubism and neo-Expressionism, you need to see the world in a plane. To look into the underside of this World. I paint pictures based not on what I see, but what I feel. I want to convey to people my emotions, my experiences, my energy, my vision for problems, fears and emotional state. I forbid during my lifetime and field it in Galleries

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