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Hello, my name is Elena! I love knitting and making models. All my works are handmade (knitting or crocheting) of high quality materials. I use the best, elite yarn which is offered in the world market of materials. Each product is associated with love, warmth, tenderness, joy and inspiration! Hand - knitted things are beautiful, fashionable, and exclusive! In addition, the process of creating your own masterpiece brings real pleasure. Enthusiastic looks and compliments inspire me to new creations! I love everything I do, I like to learn new things, constantly develop existing skills - because there are no limits to perfection. All items presented in the store are exclusively handmade and each product is distinguished by its originality and uniqueness. Handmade things have always been appreciated and in demand, as it is almost always one of a kind. Such gifts have always been incredibly valuable and expensive, because they contain the master’s soul. Of course, not everyone can knit, but everyone can afford buying a gift created by a master. Let's be friends and give each other joy!

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