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Welcome to my shop! My name is Alena Korzhova and I am the owner of the shop, author of all works, photographer and manager--an one-man band, in short. I have been working with ceramics for almost half of my life - since 2005. I graduated first from college and then from institute with a degree in art ceramics. So you can completely trust me - I am a true professional in my field! After graduating from my studies in 2016, I purchased my own muffle kiln for firing products and set up a workshop right in my home. I have a young child and it saves me a lot of time to work from home. All my products are fired 2 to 4 times - at 1000C, 1250C or 770*C. My works are made using high quality food glazes and are completely safe for you and your children! You can wash them by hand and in the dishwasher, as well as use them in the microwave (unless stated otherwise). Fired clay is a very durable material that can stay in its original form for centuries! That said, it is also a fragile material - if dropped or hit on a hard surface, a ceramic product may break. I happily take custom orders. Do not hesitate to contact me in private messages and we will discuss all the details. Sincerely yours, Alena Korzhova

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Hello and welcome to my handmade pottery store! I'm currently filling the store with items and very soon there will be lots of beauty for you and your home :)

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