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I once worked at a shipyard where large ships were being built. There was a roar, the smell of hot metal and many other pleasant flavors... It was back in 2015. My wife Irina loved to sew at that time. She designed and sewed a large soft book as a gift for a little boy. In this book there were little men, animals, trees, flowers. And also a small house and a boat, which I very liked. And then I also wanted to make a small boat, only wooden. However, I did not own a sculpture from wood and simply carved a boat from a narrow board. Then I screwed it to a wide board, and it was the first busy board. Then we worked on. Irina sewed many textile toys, I sometimes made busy boards. Then we made a large busy board (100 cm x 80 cm). It had a lot of wooden and textile elements and looked like a game picture (and weighed 8 kg..). So we got carried away and made over 2000 different textile and wooden toys, big and small. And at last we came to Inspire Uplift in July 2022, where we hope to create interest regarding our toys. Here we will be happy to interact with customers and engage in creativity. With best regards, Evgenii and Irina

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