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Dear friend! You have visited the store of handmade Blythe dolls, Pullip dolls, Middy dolls, Miniature dolls and doll clothes. And also in my store you will find a lot of materials and accessories and accessories for making doll clothes and shoes. And I pay special attention to miniature wood products for a dollhouse.But I also want to pay special attention to my paintings - miniature on canvas with stands. this is a wonderful gift for friends and family. And my passion for beads - look at the section in my store with bead works - they are cute and funny. My name is Marina Gordeeva. I am a mother of three children and part-time doll fairy. It all started with my little girl, who, like all children, seeing handmade dolls in other profiles, asked: "Mom, let's order?"... I decided to make myself a doll, I knew how to sew since childhood, and it was easy and fun My mother is a fashion designer, after kindergarten she often took me to the atelier, where my grandmother also worked in a sewing workshop. There I had my own box with scraps of fabric and 11 of my favorite dolls. I cut a piece from the fabric and add it to my collection until mom saw it))) However, when a hole was found on a specially prepared piece of fabric, I received a scolding) So my mother made patterns for my doll so that I could start sewing. And as far as I remember, we always had a sea of rags, coils and other sewing junk in our house. As long as I can remember, I've been sewing all my life, creating various interesting things. Now I sew not only clothes, I make an artistic handmade doll. I love bright and at the same time gentle, cheerful colors. I create my dolls with joy and love! imagine how people receive them as a gift, begin to rejoice and smile. It's so important to me. This is my vocation, this is my inspiration to give joy to other people with the help of my dolls! This is me, my life! It became my creativity) If you want to cheer yourself up, see photos and videos of cute dolls, take a look at my Instagram MaryaDolls. And your mood will instantly improve! I remind you that I also make custom orders. If you want one of my doll girls to live in your house, and you have questions - write to me!And I will also prepare any materials and patterns for you, I will be happy to help you and answer

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