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I’ve been doing art my whole life. As a child, I was fascinated with clay and sculpting, sewing, and drawing. As a teenager and young adult, I worked at an artist’s workshop and over the years picked up many amazing tricks of the trade that I use to this day. For a while, I worked as an artist, but eventually I transitioned into a day job that I love, but I never, ever stopped creating. I discovered the art of doll making in 2007, and it immediately captured my heart. I dedicated all my free time to learning this amazing trade, and even took time off to go to Moscow and learn from the best masters of the trade. I started out making larger dolls – which I loved – but one day, I received an order for a small collection of miniatures, and for the first time, I had to think outside the box: try new techniques, come up with new concepts, and experience the entire process in a new and different way. This proved to be such an artistically enlightening experience for me, that I began making miniatures exclusively and never looked back. Making a doll is creating a character with a story, personality, and emotions – every one of my dolls has a piece of me or something or someone I love. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren, and they are a constant inspiration for me, which is why so many of the characters I create are children. When I spend time with them, I experience the world through their eyes, and I am always inspired to incorporate that positive energy and wonder into my art. Since my discovery of the magical world of dolls, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t spent imagining, planning, and creating – this art is my true passion, and I hope you enjoy my creations.

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