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The original paintings were painted by me in my studio. I am happy to present my paintings, both in stock and to order. I will be happy to talk to you. Only Original Art! Original oil painting, oil pastel painting and watercolor and mozaic - animals, birds, botanical art, food art, children, people, landscape, seascape, mountain, figurative, erotic art . Portraits and pets. 100% hand painted original art. Available and to order. Made with love.

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100% handmade original art! Original Art - in my store only original paintings. I love handmade art. I like to paint many themes and materials in my art. I paint watercolor paintings, oil paintings, acrylic art and mosaic panno. I find themes for my paintings both in everyday life, and in photos and videos of places where I have not been, but would very much like to visit. I live in St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, and I have a unique opportunity to visit the best museums and be inspired by the works of great masters of painting. I draw paintings most often on topics: Landscape Painting - I am very inspired by natural landscapes. In my paintings, I show the beauty of nature in different countries. I am very impressed by the National Parks of America. Seascape Painting - I'm always happy to paint another seascape. I love to draw the sea. It is always different-sometimes calm, and sometimes raging. But it's always beautiful. Flowers Painting - flowers are a constant source of inspiration for any artist. I grow roses, peonies, bluebonnet, poppies, sunflowers and other flowers in my country houses. They bring bright colors and a good mood to our lives. Mountain painting - I like the mountains. When my family and I go on vacation, we try to choose a place where there are mountains. To breathe the mountain air, to take walks in the mountains - a great charge of cheerfulness and impressions. Birds Painting - I like to paint birds. Birds live near people and delight us with their beauty and singing. ACEO Original Art -collect a collection of inexpensive original paintings that everyone can afford. People - I'm interested in drawing people. Their characters, their relationships. All people are different, and this is an inexhaustible source of my inspiration. Nude Artwork - Am I interested in studying the human body, therefore, I make nude sketches. Knitted Socks - when I get tired of painting or winter comes without plein air, I knit warm wool socks. This is my vacation. If you want to learn more about me and my art, you can subscribe to my Etsy profile.

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