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We have a selection of more than 2500 beautiful original vintage posters, which makes our collection one of the largest in any price and style segment. We have put up for sale only a small part of the posters from our archive. There are more than 2000 posters in the archive. Therefore, if you have not found a suitable poster, you can send us a request here, on Uplift, or by mail [email protected] - to search for a poster you are interested in or to create a selection of posters from our archive on a topic you are interested in. Since our range of posters is very diverse, we will definitely pick up exactly that copy for you! We are always in touch and will be happy to answer all your questions!

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Packaging ---------------------- The poster will be securely packed in paper and a cute plastic tube for delivery. Additionally, a poster passport will be attached to the poster, which contains the poster's output data (year, artist, printing house and other data). An example of a poster passport and a packaging tube is in the additional photos to the poster. The passport is inserted into the tube along with the poster. By default, the passport is drawn up in English. If a different language is needed, please let us know in the comments to the order or by e-mail: [email protected] . Also, in the passport, we can specify an additional message for the recipient (the text of the greeting or something else) - if necessary, please let us know. Delivery. Delivery is free, the delivery service will deliver the poster to the address you specified. We will send the poster in a tube to your address within two calendar days from the moment of placing the order. Delivery is carried out worldwide, with the exception of Australia. Condition and age of posters --------------------- All our posters are original vintage posters from the Soviet era. You can assess the condition of the posters by the detailed photos in the ad. All photos are valid and real photos of those posters that you see in the photo. In the tube, upon delivery, you will receive exactly the poster that you saw in the photo. In addition, you can always count on providing additional photos and videos on the poster upon request. A poster from our gallery will be ready to take its rightful place in your interior or be presented as a gift to your friends and family. You can count on us to promptly provide you with all the necessary additional photos on the poster, as well as a video review of the poster.

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