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Welcome to RussianEvilArt! Our store is a gallery of works of two workshops, which closely cooperate with each other and which share a love for horror themes. All products are handmade by professionals, our work does not involve any printers or sewing machines, our work for those who truly appreciate manual labor, because through it in the product appears part of the soul of the master! Here you can see oil paintings on canvas (canvas on cardboard, or canvas on stretcher), as well as accessories made of genuine leather with artistic carvings. Choose in our store products with your favorite horror - the characters, or order your own horror - a picture and we bring to life your desire. Our products will complement and decorate your interior, or transform and brighten your style!

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About paintings. The basis of oil paintings is presented on two canvases - canvas on stretcher and canvas on cardboard - be sure to read the product description. This procedure is performed only after the painting is completely dry. If the painting is fresh, and its degree of drying is sufficient for transportation, but not sufficient for varnishing, you can contact us and we will give you full instructions on how you can do it yourself easily, without training and preparation. Oil painting is a living art and our artist puts his soul into each of his creations. It's really cool when your favorite characters materialize by the hand of a master, and then they already hang in beautiful frames at arm's length in your house. Each of them has its own character, mood and history! About leather goods. Our master has vast experience in his painstaking work and chooses high-quality and proven materials for his work. The main thing in working with leather is knowledge, perfectionism and confident hands of a professional - rest assured that the product you order will delight you both tactilely and visually. You can agree on the color scheme of the product, the drawing, and now your favorite horror character, or the horror picture you like will be with you all the time, right on your accessory, be it a wallet or a belt, or a bag. Great, isn't it? The drawings are made in the style of embossing on the leather with special curly stamps, and due to this they have a tangible relief. Then they are covered with special impregnating or topcoating paints. The finishing coat is the final stage, which gives the skin an additional shine, and the drawing the depth of the colors. Choose our products, because we do what we really love, and each of our work is an art, exclusive for you!

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