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Shop Bio was started in 2019. Looking to provide fashion accessories, bags & bracelets as well as basic innovative household items at a better price than normally available online. The goal was to make it easy and affordable for the everyday person to get trendy items quickly and at a great price. When the pandemic hit, the nursing home where family resided needed some supplies and with the contacts established, was able to provide them with some basic necessities quickly. A relationship with another local business made it possible for Splurgdstudio to help the community with essentials people needed. Unlike most companies that offered protective equipment, Splurgdstudio knew that what was needed most in this time was community support and so, with every sale made, Splurgdstudio donated a portion of the sales to the Local Hospital Foundation, a practice it continues today. Since then, Splurgdstudio has expanded their products to include other much needed items and fun creative items to make life better. Their customer service is excellent and they provide very fast local delivery, often even same day! They are a small company that cares about community and family!

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