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I really like to create just clocks, I have a reverent attitude to clocks. For clocks I use quartz movements Quartex designed and manufactured by American company with 40 years of experience. The company has a huge selection of arrows for clocks. I really like to pick up arrows to the already created clock. When I mount clock mechanism with arrows, put the battery, and the clock starts its quiet running - at that moment they seem to come to life, start living! To mark clock face, I use a special scheme - split the circle into 12 parts so that each number was strictly on the spot. Sometimes on the place of regular numbers on the clock face you can sea other symbols, for example, when I created «Cthulhu clock» instead of the numbers I has dealt icons from the H.P. Lovecraft's fictional universe. I usually work with a clock that has a diameter 30 cm. Sometimes it may be a diameter 20 cm, but only for the glass clock. The smallest clock that I had to create was a clock from the CD-ROM “Keyboard Function Key Clock” – diameter 12 cm I always have a lot of ideas for creating a clock, and impossible to tell that I have worked in one technique. I love nicely decorated things. Especially those that we use in an everyday life, also if the thing serves us for a long time and becomes valued. My handmade items will personalize your interior, add cosiness and warmth in your home because they are filled with positive energy, every item I create with all my heart and love. Victoria Sinkevych Once in the on-line magazine "Reverie Fair" had an article about my work. page 40-45

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