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Hi, I'm Natalie, and I live in Russia. Since I was a little girl, I always liked to create hand-made things: sowing, knitting, embroidering, modeling in clay. But it so happened that after entering the university, there was not much time left for my passion. It’s been a long time, and only when I had to furnish my new home, I wanted to do something with my own hands. That’s how I discovered basket weaving. A paper rope which I use for weaving is eco-friendly and very durable material when properly processed. Baskets and decor made of paper ropes do not leave splinters and do not crack over time. I have been weaving since the fall of 2019. So far, it is my hobby, but I dream of making my passion my main job. I am grateful to each of my customers for bringing my dream closer. I will gladly and diligently weave baskets and decor for your home. Thank you for your trust!

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