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Hello! My name is Andrey! Welcome to my WorldWoodCraft store of handmade wooden spoons and other useful kitchen utensils! Here you can find natural wood gifts for yourself, your loved ones or friends. Many years ago, out of boredom, I carved my first spoon. Since then, I can not stop - it has become my passion. Each of my spoons or other items is handcrafted from start to finish using just a few simple tools: a hand saw, an axe, a knife and a hook knife or bent gouge. For my crafts, I use any wood I can find. Mostly it is the wood of old withered trees from my own garden or from the garden of my friends and neighbors (they have long known about my hobby and are happy to give it to me in exchange for my crafts or some services). Most often I find fruit woods: apricot, apple, plum, mulberry and cherry. Sometimes I come across walnut, ash, maple, oak, acacia, birch, linden, aspen, alder, willow, etc. Simplicity and functionality is the key to making each of my spoons. Let the wood speak for itself! You will get real pleasure when using my wooden spoons or they will decorate your interior. I really hope that you will appreciate my craftsmanship!

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