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I am a self-taught artist. I paint original author's paintings in oil, watercolor and acrylic. In my shop you will find portraits of animals, cats, landscapes with mountains and the sea, bright still lifes with fruits and flower arrangements. Since childhood, I loved to draw and dreamed of becoming an artist, but I was able to fulfill my dream only recently, in 2020. I started with self-help books, then there were several courses for beginners. So step by step I improve my skills and fulfill my dream every day! Now I am constantly learning and shaping my style. Although I am at the very beginning of my journey, already more than 150 of my works are in private collections around the world, in particular in the USA, Canada, Russia, England, Ireland, the Netherlands. I came to Inspire Uplift quite recently, and my store will be constantly replenished with new works of art. I participated in an exhibition in Moscow at the Want&Paint Gallery in November 2021 So far, this was the first exhibition, but I am currently working on several projects. I am constantly trying to improve my service and carefully listen to the wishes of customers. I am happy to accept orders. I paint portraits of pets from photographs, I will immortalize your kitty or dog with individual styling. You will get a unique portrait, one of a kind. If you liked some of my painting and you would like one of a larger size or even in a different technique, do not hesitate to write me a personal message, I will be happy to consider your request. You can also order a printed reproduction of my original painting on canvas or paper. Gift cards and posters. Do not hesitate to ask questions, I will be happy to answer them. Thank you for visiting my store! Have a nice day and happy shopping!

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