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Let's get acquainted! My name is Olga.The story of my work inspires me.But let's start in order.I was born in Russia, in the beautiful city of Volzhsky. I've always been fascinated by creativity, and I've tried to find myself in a riot of directions. Who am I?Should I be a fashion designer or interior designer?Florist?A seamstress who can not only hem trousers, but also create a wedding dress for a capricious bride?Should I paint portraits on canvas? A million questions tormented me.I tried my hand at many things and succeeded, but it was all wrong.There was nothing inside of me.I didn't feel like it was my job, I didn't like what I was doing. I decided to take a break. You have no idea how hard this vacation has been for me.I began to feel that I had lost something, namely my life. identity.It it was with these thoughts in mind that I went for a walk. walk.It was autumn, it was getting cold, and I thought I needed a denim jacket. After visiting the shops of our city, do you know what I found?Nothing!Nothing I'd like to buy!A huge mass of blue uniform jackets.None of them would be able to emphasize my features, none of them would be able to become a favorite item of my wardrobe. And then it hit me.I'm not the only one.We should wear what's on store shelves, not what we like. "And why should I put up with it?" I was filled with indignation and despair.On the one hand, I don't like the jacket, but on the other... I'll freeze without it. - So stop, damn it!- ...everything inside me turned upside down.I can fix everything, make a gray jacket, something that all passers-by will turn around and ask: "Where did you buy it?"and I could proudly reply, "exclusive!" So the idea to make hand-painted clothes was: born.It was on this day that I found myself!Since then, I have excelled as an artist.I love what I do, and I can spend hours creating something new for my clients.I see how my work helps my clients show their individuality, Express their feelings and emotions.The happy faces of my clients motivate me to get better and better, which is what I work hard for. And most importantly, I found a business that became my home.I wish everyone to acquire such emotions.

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Hand painting on things is an amazing opportunity to realize your own idea, even the most incredible! You can safely draw turtles on your purse or Express your "chamomile" mood on your favorite t-shirt — no one and nothing limits you. Please note that it is not the designer who will create fashion trends, but you. It's time to show your imagination! You can start not from the fashion trends of this season, but from your mood and desires. And it's really cool! Create your own fashion, regardless of others, do what you like, show your own taste — isn't it fashionable? A girl whose clothes are hand-painted is absolutely unique. She attracts the eyes of men, she is real, sincere and bold. You want to communicate with her, you want to admire her, you want to imitate her! You can demonstrate to others that you create fashion yourself and understand its trends as well as a famous couturier. Show your imagination and character, create something truly unique, and most importantly-cause envy in women and admiration in men. Surprise your friends with bright and stylish clothes that you created yourself, taking into account only your own desires and preferences. Be special! Due to the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I cannot accept refunds for: Custom or personalized orders, Digital downloads, Items for sale.

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