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The first time I picked up plane was when I was 5 years old to help my grandfather. Working with wood seemed to me interesting and fascinating. From that moment on, I was constantly experiencing craving for carpentry tools. I made my first product on a lathe in 10 years. Then I devoted most of my time to school and university studies. Having received engineering specialty, I always understood that I lacked work with wood. From 2015, I began to revive my hobby with woodcarving and at the moment I came to the need to build my workshop and purchase woodworking machines. My small business delights you with products for 6 years and it I try to convey to my customers my love for wood. In addition, it is a good way to recoup my investment in a favorite business. When ordering products in my store, you first of all help the development of my family workshop, with which I would like to convey the love of natural eco-friendly materials to my sons.

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