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Smasterilli is craft brand store and online shop of cross stitch patterns and tutorials for felt and textile craft. The Smasterilli store dates back to 2015, when my first store was opened on the Etsy marketplace. It was dedicated to patterns for sewing felt toys. Later in 2016, I opened another store called Lamacrosstitch, there I created patterns for cross-stitch and tutorials for plastic canvas craft. In 2022, I decided to merge two stores under the one name Smasterilli. My designs are made mainly in a modern style. I am inspired by animals and nature. I try to put thoughts and ideas into my schemes and patterns so that needleworkers around the world can create beautiful things filled with meaning. To follow new ideas and patterns for sewing and embroidery, you can subscribe to Smasterilli social media accounts. On instagram @smasterilli_patterns , in TikTok, Pinterest @smasterilli

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I paid for the pattern, but I can't download it, what to do?

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Can I sell embroidered or sewn works based on your tutorials and patterns?

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Where else besides Inspire Uplift can I find Smasterilli?

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I saw these patterns in the Lamacrosstitch store on Etsy, do you have the right to sell them?

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I have questions about the pattern, where should I contact?

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Can I resell your patterns or use it to create embroidery kits?

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Is it possible to change the pattern that is sold in your shop. How much does it cost?

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