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"Flow" - 4 Guided Relaxation Sessions

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"Flow" guided relaxation & recovery sessions (see description below).
1-month subscription (4 sessions).

You will receive a confirmation email from me (Kate) within 48 hours after your purchase, if you’re ready to start from nearest Sunday - you’ll be given zoom access links for all 4 following sessions. If you want to buy now and enrol your subscription later, please send a message before or right after your purchase, specifying the desirable enrol date).

* Platform: Zoom
* Language: English
* Duration: 1 hour
* Schedule: every Sunday 5pm UK since the day of your purchase
* Package: 4 sessions in total within 30 days 
* Bonus: if you attend minimum 3 out of 4 given session, you’ll be granted free access to all further Flow sessions

Item description from the seller
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“Flow” is an online group practice, happening every Sunday 5pm UK time. It is a 1 hour recovery  session, guided weekly via Zoom.

Very simple, super relaxing and so loved by regular participants from all over the world, who chose it as their fav tool to support themselves in their daily life and personal growth. And you are invited now to try it for yourself)). 

So what is the Flow:

Meditation + Guided relaxation + Energy Healing - all in one simple practice, where all you do is lying down comfortably on your bed or yoga mat and listening to the relaxing music and the voice.

Very simple & multipurposed tool both for beginners and experienced practitioners.

"Flow” designed to guide you into deeper relaxed state and help you to ground, reconnect, recharge, process, release, heal and receive guidance from your higher intelligence.

All you need is Zoom, headphones, glass of water, quiet space to lie down, cosy blanket and Yourself.

One hour of rest, healing and easy deep trance meditation, reinforced with remote energy healing.

No preparation or experience required.

You’ll get 1 month access (4 sessions within 30 days). If you will attend minimum 3 per month - you’ll be granted free access to all further Flow sessions.

“Flow” existing since June 2020, every Sunday helping people to relax, ground, heal and come back to themselves.

Wonderful cosy group of practitioners from all over the world holding a very comfortable and welcoming space for each member. You’ll be supported on every step of your way.

PS: Any questions or concerns are very welcome to be asked via messages))