"Flow" - 4 Guided Relaxation Sessions

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"Flow" guided relaxation & recovery sessions (see description below).
1-month subscription (4 sessions).

You will receive a confirmation email from me (Kate) within 48 hours after your purchase, if you’re ready to start from nearest Sunday - you’ll be given zoom access links for all 4 following sessions. If you want to buy now and enrol your subscription later, please send a message before or right after your purchase, specifying the desirable enrol date).

* Platform: Zoom
* Language: English
* Duration: 1 hour
* Schedule: every Sunday 5pm UK since the day of your purchase
* Package: 4 sessions in total within 30 days 
* Bonus: if you attend minimum 3 out of 4 given session, you’ll be granted free access to all further Flow sessions

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