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"You are your own best healer", though if you need a space, tools, and assistance for the next step of your Journey - you can always find it here. This private studio is a space for releasing, reconnecting to resources, learning and shifting towards authentic You. Healing Studio was founded in 2017, in Morocco by Kate - therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, psychologist, guide and mentor for those who are on their wonderful path of healing and awakening. Here on InspireUplift we will share only products that are suitable for everyone regardless of their background and level of practice. All the products we created were inspired, tested and approved by numerous wonderful souls - our clients and students! If you're interested in learning more - you're very welcome to follow us on IG @myhealingstudio ANY questions are very welcome here or via email [email protected]

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Before purchasing anything at Healing Studio, please make sure that your inner authority aka "Gut Feeling" has approved your choice))) When it comes to non-physical, spiritual stuff - mind or ego impulse won't lead you the right way ;)

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