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10 Pcs Electric Shaver Brush Cleaner

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 6.1cm x 1.2cm approx.
  • Easy scrapping of small hair from shavers
  • Increase efficiency of electric shavers
  • 10 Pcs of razor cleaning brush in the package
Item description from the seller
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Do you feel like your shaver's efficiency is decreasing day by day?

Has it stopped delivering a perfectly clean and fresh shave?

Stay calm, we have the perfect tool for you to get back on the handsome track of fresh shaves every day at a minor expense. No need to buy new electric razors as soon as their performance diminishes, rather use these shaver brushes to clean stray hair off them and enhance their efficiency.

What you'll get:

  • Efficient cleaning: These mini electric shaver cleaning brushes are an efficient choice for the task. Their strong bristles ensure that the small, irritating hair stuck in the razor's blades are cleaned conveniently.

  • Multiple uses: These cleaning brushes are useful for almost every brand and their shaver, not just for one or two electric shaver brands. This increases their usefulness and so has to be in your shaving kit all the time.

  • Increase the shaver's performance: By keeping the shaver away from dust and hair, you multiply its efficiency many folds. If kept clean, even after years, it will still do the job like a brand new one.

  • Share your shaver without being embarrassed: How uncool will it appear if a friend asks for your shaver and it has hair stuck in it? Pretty uncool, we are sure. Avoid such unfavorable occurrences and share your shaver carefree by using these cleaning brushes for the electric razor to clean them.