2 Pc Adhesive Bumper Protector Strip For Front & Rear Bumpers

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  • Material: Carbon Fiber Rubber
  • Universal bumper protector strip
  • Protects your bumpers from minor hits & scratches
  • Self-adhesive tape for secure attachment
  • Waterproof, do not fade
  • Suitable for all kinds of cars
  • Package includes 2 pcs of strips
  • Length: 40.5 cm approx.

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We know you clean your car every other day to observe new bruises, marks and scratches on your precious bumper.

It’s alarming and heartbreaking because you didn’t have an accident. So how did your bumper get those scratches?

Well, the credit goes to all those bikers who woosh past you when the signal turns green.

And those drivers that “silently” reverse their cars from your neighboring parking spot.

And those anxious car drivers who just can’t put brakes on their vehicles in a traffic jam.

It has to be stopped. Bring these adhesive rubber bumper protection strips home and minimize the frequency of these scrapes. Keep your ride shiny smooth and proudly flaunt it in front of your neighbors and friends.

Get rolling!

What you’ll get:

  •  Easy-to-attach adhesive surface: The bumper protector strip has double-sided adhesive tape on its backside. Remove the cover and paste it on your rear or front bumper. Ensure that the bumper is completely dry before the attachment. Avoid washing the car for 48 hours.

  • Prevents everyday scratches and scrapes: It’s a great way of protecting your automobile’s bumpers from those unsightly scratches that other cars impart on your ride due to casual driving. You can attach 2 on each side as well.

  • Inexpensive method of bumper protection: Mechanics charge a lot of money from you to remove the dents and cover the bumper marks. Save that money by getting this carbon fiber bumper protector strip. It’s flexible, durable and waterproof.

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Listed on 7 January, 2022