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360 Degree Rotating Utensils Hook

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About this item
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  • Made of ABS
  • Self-adhesive
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 90-degree vertical movement
  • Hang cutlery, towels, sponges, etc.
  • Easy access to your desired object
  • Moisture-proof & dust-proof
  • Organizes kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
Item description from the seller
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“Where is the ladle, hon? My soup is sticking.”

“Where did I put the egg beater? The batter will turn hard?”

And the list goes on and on – welcome to a normal, everyday kitchen scene.

But not a pretty one for sure! Your pace of accomplishing kitchen chores reduces due to these issues, your food delicacy and scrumptiousness become endangered and you become cheesed off with cooking.

Not anymore. Na, Na. We have just the tool to bring a refreshing gale of convenience in your life – the rotating 360 utensils hook. 

Attach it with your countertop wall or under the cabinet and hang all your most-used items there; spatula, ladle, measuring cups, flippers, beaters and peelers.

Grab them whenever needed and no need to extend your arms much, the rotating hook brings you the right tool at your disposal in the blinking of an eye.

The good thing? You can use it in your bathroom for your beauty products and in your wardrobe for your makeup items as well. Get ready to live an organized, clean-looking, annoyance-suppressing life.

What you’ll get:

  • Easy access to cutlery and sponges: The 360-degree rotating design enables you to have quick access to your spoons, ladles, towels and knives while preparing food or cleaning the kitchen. This speeds you up and improves your efficiency. In the bathroom, it can be used to have easy access to your sponges, scrubbers and towels.

  •  Multiple placement options: Unlike other 360 rotating utensils hooks which can only be attached under the cabinets, this one can also be attached to the walls. The secret lies in the 90o vertical-movement design.

  •  Hassle-free installation: No drilling or nailing is required to install this rotating hook. They are self-adhesive; simply attach the patch and connect the hook with it after 24 hours.

  • Ample space for all your objects: The 360 utensils hook consists of 6 jaws enabling you to store all your main food preparation items on it, including your spoon, beater, ladle and flipper. If you want to use it for your bedroom (behind the door) or bathroom, you can use it to hang your towels, cleaning cloths, brushes, scrubbers and sponges. It is moisture-proof and has a strong load-bearing capacity.

How to install:

  1. Wipe the surface clean with a clean and dry cloth.

  2. Apply the patch, put pressure on it for a minute using your hand and leave it there for 24 hours.

  3. Connect the hook with it.

  4. Hang your objects.