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3-in-1 Electronic Acupuncture Pen

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About this item
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  • Needleless electric acupuncture pen
  • Treats pains, body aches & activates acupuncture points
  • Activates the tissues enhances blood flow
  • 9 intensity levels & 3 massage heads
  • Great for elderly and arthritis patients
  • Works on 1 AA battery ( not included)
Item description from the seller
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Ever returned from work with an aching arm?

Ever felt pain in the feet after wearing wedge heels all day?

Ever experienced trembling in the hands after gardening for 2 straight hours?

Ever got sore muscles after a leg day at the gym?

If you are any one of the following or any person with pains in their body, lay eyes on this magical electronic acupuncture pen. With its mild electric shocks, it will activate the tissues, reduce muscular pains, target acupuncture points and provide instant relief.

No safety risks, no wires, no additional equipment needed for functioning.  

What you’ll get:

  • Effective for body pains: It delivers an acupuncture-type sensation which is actually the current flowing from the pen to your body and into the pen again, creating a circular flow. It alleviates muscular pains, spasms, migraine, osteoporosis and fatigue.
  • Perfect for arthritis patients: Arthritis patients experience trembling in their hands and feet due to blocked blood vessels and weak nerve structure. This pen activates the acupuncture points and reduces this trembling. Also relieves back pain, joint pain, muscle tension and fibromyalgia.
  •  Different heads for different uses: The laser electronic acupuncture pen comes with 3 heads. The flat facial beauty massager does facial beautification; the spherical head reduces pain; the node point is for localized pain points. Change the intensity level from 0-9 depending on the usage. Start with the lowest and gradually go to the higher rating.
  • No side effects: Although it delivers electric current, it is completely safe.

* If you have a peacemaker, use of this product is not recommended.

How to use the electronic acupuncture pen:

  • Insert the AA battery into the pen and turn it on. Start with the lowest intensity.
  • Attach the relevant head on the top of the pen.
  • Locate the pain point and put the head on that area. Move it around a little and you will feel a minor tingling. Increase the intensity slowly (until you feel the pulsing) to feel relaxed.