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Anti-Skid Motorcycle Shifter Shoe Protector

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About this item
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  • TPU Rubber motorcycle shift pad
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Protects driving shoes against scuffs
  • Anti-fall design w/ tightening straps
  • Suitable for a majority of shoes
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Having scuff marks on your new leather shoes is the worst feeling? You can easily shed tears of blood on this sight. All the money goes does the drain almost instantly.

And we need not mention those unsightly gear shifter marks on oxford and DMS shoes after your road trips on the motorbikes.

But it can be avoided now, Oh yes, it can be. And quite simply as well. Get this shoe cover for motorcycle shifter and be fearless while changing the gears of your return shift bikes. It goes snugly over all your shoes and has an anti-skid surface that makes the deal even sweeter.

Welcome to the world of scuff-free shoes!

What you’ll get:

  • Protects your shoes from scuff marks: No need to think which shoes to wear before going on a biking tour with your friends or just hanging out on your sports bike. This cover isolates your shoe from the bike gear shifter and thus protects it from any damage.

  • Anti-fall design for more convenience: There are two straps on the shifter shoe protector. One goes around the shoelaces while the adjustable one goes around the shoe. The Velcro attachment can be tightened as per desire. It won’t come off or slide off while you’re are journeying.

  • Suitable for most shoes: It is almost 12 cm in length which makes it suitable for a majority of your derby shoes, desert shoes, brogues, oxford shoes, sneakers and hiking boots.