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Anti-Skid Car Wheel Chain

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About this item
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  • Low-temperature resistance (-50 C)
  • Material: TPU Alloy Steel Nail
  • Anti-skid & strong grip
  • Quality buckle design
  • Low noise & no bump
  • Perfect for a variety of conditions
  • Size: 40 x 33cm (L x W)
Item description from the seller
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Do you avoid visiting snowy places in winter because it can cause your car to skid?

But what if you need to visit a chilly location for business pursuits or something else?

 You’ll have to apologize for the trip; otherwise, this travel can prove dangerous.

Prevent tire skidding and visit snowy regions by covering your tires with these Anti-Skid Car Wheel Chain.

This wheel chain can withstand low temperatures to keep you safe.

What you’ll get:

  • Anti-skid mechanism: A thick TPU material system and stainless steel nails grasp the slipping surface securely. This wheel chain keeps you from slipping and ensures a safe journey.
  • Quality buckle design: The buckle system is totally reliable. It prevents the chain from dropping by securing it firmly to the wheel.
  • Easy installation: It’s effortless to install this chain on the tire. Simply put the chain under the tire and wrap it with the strap around the tire surface. Make sure that all the chains are tightly strapped with the tire before starting to move.
  • Universal design: Get this anti-skid tire chain once, and you won’t have to change it if you get a new car. You can also lend it to your friends going to hill stations for vacation.

 *Package includes 1 chain.