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Touch Sensor Car Lighting Light

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About this item
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  • One-touch sensor car light
  • USB powered
  • 6 LED lamp beads
  • Battery capacity: 120mA
  • Charging time: 40 min approx.
  • Lighting time: 1.5 hours approx.
  • Ideal to light up small dark places
  • Easy to install
Item description from the seller
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Have you been in a situation where you keep gliding your hands in the dark to find something in your car?

It may be a pen from the glove compartment or a phone charger that your kid dropped under the seat.

We have this touch sensor car lighting light to turn such inconvenient situations into convenient ones. This USB charging soft light can be attached wherever needed, thanks to its 3M glue installation design.

Stick it in one place, or keep it in your hand to light up any part of your car with a single touch.

What you’ll get:

  • One-touch light: This touch sensor car light is exceptionally easy to turn on and off because there are no hidden buttons. A single touch on the light's body turns it on, and another touch turns it off.
  • Convenient installation: This car light has a 3M glue non-destructive paste installation design that makes it convenient to attach it anywhere in the car. Inside your dashboard, on the roof, between the seats, or anywhere else you need to light up.  
  • Multiple uses: Not just for your car, you can use it for home use as well. In your kitchen cabinets, inside your side table drawers, in the detergent box. The light is soft to the eyes and so is helpful for your night wakings as well.
  • Long life: Instead of working on AA batteries that run out quickly, this touch sensor light is powered through USB charging with more than 500 cycles of charging life.