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Phone Holder

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We all have heard about the hazards of texting and talking on the phones while driving but sometimes, it’s just unavoidable. Whether it's talking to your loved one in case of an emergency or using the GPS to find the desired location, your life is at risk. 


Avoid that by using cell phone holders. They are designed to make your phone visible and accessible to you without needing to hold them in your hands. There are two major types of cell phone holders; one for the vehicles (car, motorcycles, cycles, etc.) and others for the home. 


Car phone mounts are either made of plastic or metal and are generally universal in design i.e. they can mount a majority of smartphones (Android & iPhone). They are designed to keep your eyes on the road while giving you a view of the GPS or the ability to talk with the person on the other hand on loudspeaker or through earphones. Some mounts are adjustable, some are magnetic, and some even support wireless charging.

Cell phone holders for home are meant for face time, Youtubing, shooting videos, watching online shows and talking for long hours. They generally have long gooseneck extensions so that they can be attached to the desk, bed or countertop. Some modern ones have powerful clips to ensure a secure connection. There are others that can be wound around your neck and waist.

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