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Gooseneck Car Cup Phone Holder

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About this item
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  • Material: ABS
  • Fit for 1.9-3.6 inch wide phones
  • Expandable cup base
  • Stable viewing angle
  • Integrated slot for your charging cable
  • 360 rotation for easy viewing
Item description from the seller
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We all have heard of air vent, windscreen, dashboard and CD slot phone holders.

But here’s the new-age, trend-setting Gooseneck Car Cup Phone Holder for you.

No hinderance in the air passageway.

No marks on the windscreen.

No space occupied on the dashboard.

No need to limit the use of the CD slot.

It’s adjustable, durable, stable and provide good viewing angles. Lock the phone holder in your cup storage compartment and enjoy your journey.

What you’ll get:

  • Handles a majority of your smartphones: The phone holder can accommodate 1.9-3.6 inch wide phones. This includes iPhones. Samsung, and others. There is a slot for charging as well.
  • Fits a amajority of cup holders: Thanks to the expandable design of the phone holder’s base, you can rotate it to increase its diameter and fit it in the cup holder of your car.
  • Stable viewing angles: The arms of the phone holders clutches your smartphone tightly. Owing to the ball joint of the holder, you can rotate it 360 degrees and also move it along the x-axis. Adjust the viewing angle according to your wish. Your driving partner can enjoy the journey by watching a movie on the phone while you can use it to access location tracking.