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Bike Phone Mount

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About this item
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  • Easy access to phone
  • Prevent phone from dropping
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Quality lock switch
  • Super strong claw mechanism
  • Simple to install & quick release
  • Compatibility: 3.5 to 7-inch mobile phone
Item description from the seller
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Have you ever missed out an important call while biking?

The reason might be keeping the mobile in the pocket.

But placing the cell in a phone mount is challenging since many holders don’t properly grip mobiles and drop them.

Here is our Bike Phone Mount to overcome both these issues.

It securely holds the phone in place to prevent it from falling and provides easy access to it.

What you’ll get:

  • Strong & Secure Grip: Each side of the holder is well fitted with 4 claw corners. Their ergonomic design securely holds a mobile and fully protects it from slipping even your biking is full of jumps.
  • 360° degree rotation: This mobile mount quickly moves around all the sides. It allows you to keep your phone pointed in the direction you want it to go and provides immediate access.
  • 100% mobile protection: The mobile-placing area is covered with soft material and the inner side of the claws doesnot scratch your phone either.
  • Wide compatibility: This mount works well with phones ranging in size from 3.5 to 7 inches. Also, it’s fully compatible to attach with bike, motorcycle, scooter, treadmill, stroller, etc.

How to use:

Bike Extension: Unfasten the nail pin and fix this holder on your bike. Now screw the pin back in place and the mount is ready to use.

Mobile Extension: Press the lock switch button of this mount to open claws. Place your phone inside and press the button once more. Swirl the gear now to entirely fix the claws from the phone. Begin biking once the claws have been secured on the phone.