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CANNY 7.2 DUO Automotive Visual Programmable Logic Controller

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  • Visual programming language

  • Firmware update direct over USB interface

  • 9 User programmable bipolar Input-Output pins count

  • Smart IO short-circuit/overload protection

  • 2 High Speed CAN 2.0A/B Interface

  • Dallas 1-Wire Master Interface

  • Infrared Remote Control Receiver interface

  • Infrared Remote Control Transmitter interface

  • 4 UART Interfaces count with RS-232 compatible mode

  • 4 LIN 1.3/2.0 Interfaces count

  • 9 Low-Resolution PWM Generators outputs count

  • 6 High-Resolution PWM Generators outputs count

  • 9 High-Resolution Asynchronous Counters count

  • 100 mA Continuous output current sunk/sourced by any I/O pin

  •  Internal clumping diodes protection (Ch.0-7)

  • 30VDC Rated voltage on I/O pin with respect to GND pin

  • 7..30VDC Rated power supply voltage, DC

  • 70 mA Overage current consumption, Normal mode

  • 1 mA Overage current consumption in Sleep mode

  • -40C...+85C Operating Ambient Temperature Range

  • Ingress Protection Rating IP 50

  • 76 x29 x 18 Overall dimensions, mm

Item description from the seller
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CANNY•7.2 duo – The brand new automotive programmable logic controller with a wide range of supply voltages, dual CAN interfaces, nine general purpose IO channels , up to four LIN interfaces and an internal ADC.

This member of the next generation CANNY dual-CAN device family differs from its predecessor by a better performance, increased available ROM & RAM, more flexible CAN Gateway driver, the expanded number of external Input/Output Channels and LIN/UART interfaces.

The dual-CAN architecture allows to use each of embedded CAN interface independently or in CAN Gateway mode. Using this mode you can to build a flexible high-speed CAN Gateway with runtime reconfigurable filtering/altering rules for the messages retransmitted in both directions.

Nine universal, high voltage general purpose input/output channels can be used for drive any type of loads and/or listening input switches/pulses.

Using CannyLab® Integrated Development Environment controller can be programmed in simple but powerful graphical way. The internal USB interface is used for the firmware updates.