Blue Beetle Brooch, Insect Brooch, Large Beetle, Stag Beetle, Art Nouveau Beetl

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  •  Spectacular, large brooch "Blue beetle".Made of polymer clay in Art Nouveau style. Paws and horns on a metal frame. The eyes are crystals, sparkling and shimmering. The back of the Beetle is decorated with a natural stone - Rhodochresite. The horns are covered with gold potal. Completely handmade. The brooch is light. 
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    Material - polymer clay. This is a modern material, so the product is not heavy. It is waterproof and fade resistant. Despite this, I advise you to remove jewelry when showering, washing or swimming. This will help your products last longer.
    Polymer clay is a durable material. And do not be afraid, the product will not break if accidentally dropped or hit. But do not deliberately break the decoration.

    Feel free to ask me any questions. I will reply within 24 hours.

    Your order will be ready within 3 days. Estimated delivery time to Europe and America 2-5 weeks, to Canada and Australia 4-8 weeks