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Car Touch Up Paint Pen

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About this item
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  • Instant scratch repair remedy
  • Non-toxic, odorless & waterproof
  • Handles minor scratches beautifully
  • Works on any color
  • Apply it, buff it and wipe it
Item description from the seller
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Let’s be honest; scratches on our automobiles are a regular part of our life. Just like bruises, cramps and pains are to our body.

You just can’t avoid them…

But what you can avoid is shedding hundreds of dollars on fixing the dents.

Yes, if you take your Chevrolet, Mustang or Honda to a mechanic to straighten out the fresh dents after a hit, he would charge a fair amount of money.

Save this unfair wallet drain using our Car touch up paint pen. This portable solution allows you to treat minor scratches and scuffs in under a minute.

What you’ll get:

  • Easy operation: There are 3 simple steps of using the pen. Open the pen in the shade, prime the applicator on a separate surface (you have to press and pull back the tip of the pen onto the surface consistently for 30-50 presses), then apply it on the dent (don’t apply in sunlight), wipe the excess solution away quickly. After it, park your car in the sun until it settles down (will take anywhere from 1-48 hours depending on the sunlight)
  • Works for all colors: The best thing is that it works on all colors of the cars. No need to change the refill for each color.

* It won't make the deep lines vanish altogether. It will, however, make it less noticeable.

Will shield minor scratches though.

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