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Culinary Plating Tweezer Tongs

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About this item
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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for precision plate garnishing
  • Suitable for placing delicate items
  • Can be used for BBQ
Item description from the seller
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What is the one kitchen tool that everyone should have in their kitchen but probably don’t have?

Is it a knife?

A spoon?

A peeler?

Or a zester?

Well, these all are important and found in every household, so the answer to the question is a plating tweezer.

Most of you would have utilized chopsticks to do the trick. But not everyone is a pro chopstick user to eat food, let alone using them for picking small items like herbs and choco balls. So here come the plating tongs as a magic tool. Decorate your plate just like a restaurant with these delicate yet easy-to-use tongs.

What you’ll get:

  • Precision plating: Sprinkling herbs on the food is an unprofessional way of decorating meals. To transform a normal house meal into a lavish restaurant plate, you need to be delicate with your garnishing, and the best way of doing it is by using chef-plating tongs.
  • Avoid accidental spilling: Imagine cracking an egg, but the eggshell breaks and a piece of it falls inside the bowl. Now you can either spend minutes using a spoon to extract that shell piece or use this plating tweezer to efficiently pick up the shell and do the rest of the cooking without wasting any time. Of course, the latter is better.
  • Prevent delicate garnishes from breaking: Your hands are clumsy no matter how carefully you garnish. Garnishes like kale, edible flowers and bay leaves which can break if contacted carelessly, need to be handled with these plating tongs to ensure they don’t lose their actual shape.
  • Useful when hands are dirty: Cooking makes your hands dirty, and with those greasy hands, it is nearly impossible to pick small cooking ingredients. The same goes for when you are wearing gloves. Use these tongs to pick them up without needing to clean the hands or taking the gloves off.