Cute Cat Sleeping Bag - Soft and Comfortable

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  • Material: Velvet
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Warm and comfy to rest
  • Easily washable in the laundry machine
  • Spacious to let your cat feel comfortable

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Does it bring a big smile to your face to see your cat sleeping peacefully or playing with herself? Do you have a hard time soothing your cat and keeping her in one place?

If you answered yes to both questions, this plush cat sleeping bag is ideal for your feline companion. Develop a sense of mutual understanding between you and your cat by giving her this comfortable kitty sleeping bag to spend her me-time in.

This adorable bed includes everything she requires to feel safe and comfortable. You'll never let go of your phone camera as you'll be snapping pictures of her doing beautiful little snuggles within this warm sleeping bag.

What you'll get:

  • Perfect sleeping spot: Your kitty will be able to rest and sleep for hours in this soft and comfortable sleeping bag. Instead of using blankets to keep your cats warm and puffed up, make them sleep in these adorable cat snuggle sacks.

  • Easy to wash: Put all of your cleaning concerns about this cat sleep bag to rest because it is easy to clean with warm water. It dries rapidly, so your cat won't be missing her favorite sleeping bag for too long. The bag doesn't have a bad smell, so the pet readily accepts it.

  • Comfortable to sleep: This kitty sleeping bag is spacious enough for your cat to turn and move around freely. It will not make your cat feel cramped or caged. Just like your cat’s furry skin this fur buddies sleeping bag is lined on the inside with a soft pillow that provides a comfortable sleeping surface.

  • Protection from harsh sunlight: The cat sleeping bag is half-covered from the top, so you may carry it outside while still protecting your feline from direct sunlight.

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