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Pet Bedding & Carriers

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Comfort for your pets is as important as it is for you! 


Pets take care of you in hard times - when you are down, when you are sad, when you are broken.
Don’t they deserve the best sleeping platforms? Our pet beds and carriers are the best reply. From small, cozy cat bed for your feline who loves to curl indoors to large wooden dog crates for pooches who love spending time outdoors more, you have plenty to choose from. 


Keep your dogs and cats relaxed, comfortable and easy while they sleep or you take them places. We have wooden, fur, rounded, fancy and large pet beds for all situations. Cats usually like to cuddle in small, furry beds with a concealed roof, while dogs want to have more space for them. Some breeds like to rest on hard wooden surfaces while others desire to have a soft cushioning under them. We deal in all. Some are specifically designed to keep beside your sofas and under your furniture too. 

Inspire Uplift also has pet carriers for you. When you travel for their grooming needs, you need to have these carriers, so they are not fussy on the way. Choose from our pink cat carrier bag or transparent dog carrier, cheap nylon bag or waterproof cat bag. Many of our pet beds and carriers are washable in the machine. Choose after reading the features carefully.