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Suction Cup Pet Sleeping Bag

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About this item
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  • Material: Environmental Protection Fiber
  • Create relaxing bed time for pets
  • Soft & breathable material
  • Non-slip suction cup system
  • Hold up to 15kg
  • Machine washable
Item description from the seller
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Letting your pet sleep on the hard ground can impact its health. And co-sleeping with a pet on the bed will cause allergy since it can be possible that dust and pollen clings to their fur when they go outside.

Get rid of all these bothering situations and give a healthy and peaceful sleep to your cat with this Suction Cup Pet Sleeping Bag.

It provides a soft and comfortable bedtime for your pet while preventing damage to the couches, bed, or sofa.

What you’ll get:

  • Strong suction system: The suction cups firmly secured this pet bag with any flat glass surface and withstand with 15kg weight. This bag is also attachable with wood, brick, ceramic and any other type wall.
  • Pet comfortability: Soft and breathable material of this bag gives a relaxing and comfortable feel to your pet all year round. The half-made ergonomic design helps your puppy to see outside the mirror and doesn’t get bored.
  • No furniture mess-up: In case you find pet hair on bed or sofa or your cat scratches a lot, this pet sleeping bag keeps your furniture protected while giving your puppy peaceful and sound sleep. 
  • Adjustable & reusable: This bag features detachability to easily change the position if it’s not securely as per your required direction. It’s also machine washable to get cleaned without putting any effort.
  • How to use: This bag installing requires 5-10 seconds. Wipe the surface of sucker and glass. Now, squeeze a sucker for a few seconds and secure it wherever you want, repeating this process until the entire bag is secured to the wall.