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Detachable Rainbow Water Bottle Brush

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About this item
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  • Material: PP Cleaning Pad
  • Detachable sponge
  • Cleans the deep corners and bottom of utensils
  • A must-have helping tool for kitchen
  • Make your babys bottle germ-free
  • Cute rainbow sponge
Item description from the seller
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You just finished a festive dinner with your family. Coming back to the kitchen, you are welcomed by a pile of dirty dishes.

Picturing yourself washing them for the next hour, your gaze is suddenly met with a container full of greasy glasses, mason jars, and water bottles.

Thinking, “ah, I’m doomed,” you start cleaning the utensils one by one. Plates? Done. Bowls? Yes sir. Glasses? Uh oh.

No matter how hard you try, that residue in the bottom of the bottle just won’t budge. Boom, it came off but as a whole piece and on the floor. :p

Save your effort and your crockery with this detachable rainbow water bottle brush. This one-for-all cleaning sponge will wash all the deep corners of your baby bottles, jars, mugs, and glasses.

What you’ll get:

  • Effortless cleaning: This cup cleaning brush with a long handle can successfully reach the bottom of the glass or bottles that are otherwise hard to clean. The handle can be removed to use as a washing sponge.

  • Convenient hanging: The bottle cup cleaning scrubber has a holder to hang it above the sink for effective usage.

  • Strong grip: The handle's material is not hard or soft but perfect to have a strong grip while washing the utensils.

  • Colorful sponges: This brush scrubber has multicolor rainbow sponges attached to the long handle that looks pleasing to the eye.