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Dog Hair Drying Vest
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Dog Hair Drying Vest
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Dog Hair Drying Vest
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Dog Hair Drying Vest
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Dog Hair Drying Vest
Dog Hair Drying Vest
Dog Hair Drying Vest
Dog Hair Drying Vest

Dog Hair Drying Vest

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  • Experience Korean technology with top-notch fabric, ensuring ultimate comfort for your furry friend.
  • Choose from 3 sizes - small, medium, or large - for the ideal fit that your dog deserves.
  • Uniform heating & drying, giving your dog the cozy warmth they'll love to snuggle in.
  • Quick and hassle-free magic strip makes putting on and off a breeze.
  • Elegant blue color adds a touch of class, making your dog a true fashionista.
  • Say goodbye to damp, frightened pups and hello to warm, happy fur babies.
  • Designed to work with a dryer (not included) for effortless drying and optimal coziness.
Item description from the seller
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This dog hair drying vest makes drying your furry friend a breeze after a bath, without the worry of catching a cold.

Say goodbye to the hassle of backbreaking work trying to dry off your pup with old, smelly towels. With the Hair Drying Vest, you can easily dry your dog in minutes.

Using the vest is easy! Just dry off excess water with a towel, place your pup on the open vest, and strap it up using the velcro strip and bands around the neck and tail. Connect the vest tube to your hair dryer and select the low temperature range for safe and effective drying.

In no time at all, the circulating warm air flowing through the drying vest will leave your dog's hair warm, dry, and fluffy. You can use it after a wet walk, hydrotherapy, working, or bath time.

Once you confirm that your furry friend is completely dry, removing the vest is a breeze.