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You love your dog, right? And he loves you back. But every relationship becomes mundane with time. It needs excitement and care. That’s where dog toys come into play. They are the bonding boosters between your puppy and yourself. All dogs, be it excited ones, small-sized ones, hairy ones, aggressive ones or laid-back ones, need regular exercise in your backyard, room or lawn otherwise they can develop behavioral disorders. 


Toys for dogs are important in keeping them occupied, stimulated and active. We have a variety of rope, plush, squeaky, plastic, motorized and indestructible dog toys to help you achieve the said purpose. Now, there are different types of dogs that require a different sort of toy. 


For runners and high-energy puppies like Collies, Dalmatian and Siberian Husky, large tennis balls, fetch toys and plastic throwers are great. For aggressive chewers like Beagles and Labradors, dog chew toys including rope toys, indestructible toothbrushes and tough toys are good options. They will keep your dog occupied and prevent him from chewing your furniture and upholstery. For puppies who need mental stimulation, consider purchasing interactive dog toys. For puppies that are starting to grow teeth, dog teething toys should be given.

Playtime with your dogs is a special moment. Treat them the right way by choosing the most suitable toy. From motorized dog toys that will compensate for their daily exercise needs to cute squeaky toys, rope toys, tennis balls, suction cup toys and tough chewers, we have it all.

The right type of toy for dogs will depend on the personality of your doggo, his habits, the health considerations, age and your living space condition. Browse our collection, choose the right dog toy and keep your pets happy for as long as they live. Browser our complete pet supplies category if you want.