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Dog Pacifier Chew Toy

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  • Crafted from high-quality TPR material for durability and long-lasting playtime.
  • Perfect puppy teething toy to soothe their aching gums and satisfy their urge to chew.
  • Supports your dog's oral hygiene by removing plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Enjoy a peaceful playtime with the noise-free, non-squeaky design.
  • Choose from a vibrant array of colors and sizes to match your pup's personality.
  • Encourages healthy chewing exercises to keep your furry friend active and engaged.
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If you're a pet parent, you know that your furry friend's antics can be adorable and frustrating. Dogs, in particular, love to run around and play, often causing chaos. However, as much as you love your pup, you also know that they tend to put just about anything in their mouth, which can be concerning, especially if you have babies in the house. That's where the dog pacifier chew toy comes in.

Made from high-quality TPR, this 2-in-1 toy is designed to provide your pooch with a safe and satisfying chewing experience and promote healthy dental hygiene. The toy features small rubber spikes all over the pacifier, which help to increase your pup's chewing strength from an early age while simultaneously cleaning their teeth and gums.

This makes it the perfect puppy teether toy, as it can help soothe their irritability and minimize any discomfort they may be feeling while teething.

The dog pacifier chew toy also promotes healthy and positive chewing habits, which can lead to a lifetime of enjoyable treats for your pup. And, unlike some other toys on the market, it doesn't make high-pitched squeaky sounds that could disturb you or others in the house.

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Listed on 1 July, 2021