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Nutrition is as important to your dogs and cats as exercise and sleep are. There is no other way around it than to have high-quality food for them in the right proportions at the right time. Our pet bowls & feeders will let you do that. 


Whether you have a fluffy corgi at home or an adorable Persian cat, we have just the right feeders, waterers and food bowls for them. If you have a dog that eats small portions four times a day, you would want a dog food bowl that has a time feature because you won’t remember to do that every single day. If you have a cat that likes to eat large portions at both ends of the day but doesn't allow any eating companions, you would want a suitable cat food bowl for her. 


We have different options to choose from. Some are automatic in nature, some can rotate, some have a dedicated drinking bowl in them, some dispense a small amount of food after a set period of time, some keeps the food fresh for a long time, some have ridges in them to promote slow eating, while others have inclined bases to disallow vomiting.


From scoops to water bottles, dispensers, round bowls, food storage containers, gravity feeders, collapsible bowls and lick mats, we have many options in our pet bowls & feeders category.