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Doggy Jumbo Ball
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Doggy Jumbo Ball
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Doggy Jumbo Ball
Doggy Jumbo Ball

Doggy Jumbo Ball

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  • Our ball is fashioned from basketball-grade rubber for interactive playtime with your furry friend.
  • Designed to last, it will withstand the most vigorous play sessions with your pet.
  • The soft and bouncy texture makes it perfect for interactive playtime with your pooch.
  • Measuring approximately 9.5 inches in diameter, it is an ideal size for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Enhance your dog's outdoor adventure experience with our ball, the perfect accessory for playtime in any environment.
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Looking for a high-quality ball that can withstand your furry friend's playful tendencies? Our Jumbo Ball for Dogs is the perfect choice for any pet parent who wants to provide their furry friend with an extra-special toy that is both durable and entertaining.

We understand that dogs have a natural tendency to chew on things, but with this ball, chewing won't be an issue. Designed to last, our ball is 9.5 inches in size and thicker than a regular tennis ball, making it difficult for even the most tenacious chewers to break.

Made with the rubber core material found in basketballs, our ball is both soft and durable, providing your furry friend with hours of endless fun. With its soft and felt-like texture, our ball is enjoyable to play with, encouraging your pet to engage in interactive playtime.

Our Jumbo Ball for Dogs is suitable for all dog breeds, from small Chihuahuas to large Red Nose Pitbulls. This ball is an ideal gift for any pet, providing entertainment and joy for both you and your furry friend.

Please note that our ball comes deflated for easy transportation. Simply inflate it using a basketball or bike pump, and your furry friend can start playing right away. Get your hands on this ball and watch your pet enjoy endless hours of fun!

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Pauline. R.flag imageVerified Purchase
His favorite ball. I love to watch him play with it!!
Erica. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
We may have found a tennis ball he can't chew up!?! He's having a great time with it.
Pam. H.flag imageVerified Purchase
My dogs love them
Paul. H.flag imageVerified Purchase
My dog went crazy. I thought it was supposed to be 9” diameter but this seems like be about the size and a basketball. He was able to get ahold of the fuzzy stuff but that’s when I have to put it up. I’ve yet to find a toy that he cannot destroy within minutes.
Jeneviève. R.flag imageVerified Purchase
Thank you!!
Donna. L.flag imageVerified Purchase
I bought one for my friends French Bulldog. He just loves it. He's almost got the ball so he can hold it in his mouth. Hilarious. Great product
Mary. M.flag imageVerified Purchase
The ball looks great. Not sure if the dogs will like it until I get it inflated. I did not expect it to arrive deflated.
Linda. H.flag imageVerified Purchase
My dog loves it!
jan. o.flag imageVerified Purchase
lovely toy for our dog bruce - eventually managed to get his teeth into it and made a little hole but would not let it go. It had a really good bounce to it as well
Kathy. C.flag imageVerified Purchase
We have waited with such anticipation for the large tennis ball , it was hilarious to watch Josie to play with it . She would have nothing to do with the ball . Her sister Molly does not to play with any balls. The second Molly saw the ball she fell in love with it . Josie decided it look like fun. The two huskies ( Josie & Molly ) had a wonderful time playing . We finally had to put the ball up. Our sides were hurting from laughing !
Listed on 25 March, 2018