Drinking Straw Cleaning Brush Set of 10

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  • Made of Stainless Steel & nylon
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Set of 10 brushes with diff diameters
  • Loops at the end of each brush
  • Keyring for storing them together
  • Dishwasher-safe
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Metal straws are environmental-friendly but what good are they if not properly cleaned? Presenting you the Straw Cleaner Brush Set which includes 10 durable Stainless Steel brushes of differing diameters to clean almost every straw you own. The brushes ensure that every particle sitting on the interior of your daily-use straws is expelled out in the drain. 

What you’ll get:

  • Stainless Steel built with nylon bristles: Stainless steel makes it rust-proof while the nylon bristles deliver a rugged scrub.

  • All-inclusive set of brushes: This will be the only set of straw cleaning brushes you would need. It includes a total of 10 brushes of different diameters that take care of every straw you use in your house, hotel, guest house or restaurant. Equally useful for professionals and residents.

  • Detachable keyring for easy access: All the brushes go into a detachable keyring that keeps them together and safe. Take out the required brush and put it back after use.

  • Loops for good grip: Each straw cleaner has a loop at its end that allows for a good grip while washing the straws. If you are hassled about putting each brush in the keyring every time, simply toss it around a nail or hook.

  • Easy cleaning: The brushes are dishwasher-safe. How annoying would it be to manually clean a cleaning tool?