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Electric Dog Nail Trimmer

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About this item
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  • Pet nail trimmer
  • Battery-powered (not included)
  • Mute operation, non-disturbing for pets
  • Hurt-free use
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes
Item description from the seller
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Put an end to your pet running away from you whenever it is time to trim their nails.

This electric dog nail trimmer makes the chore easier for you and pain-free for your pet.

A win-win situation for both.

It offers precision, speed, and smoothly trims your pet’s nails.

What you’ll get:

  • Hurt-free trimming: Pets are triggered by nail clippers because of the pain it causes them. But this nail trimmer is pain-free to use. The emery wheel doesn’t hurt your pet while trimming the nails.
  • Mess-free trimming: When trimmed, nail clippings are collected in the cap of the trimmer. It prevents them from falling around and making a mess.
  • Easy grooming: No need to take your furry friend to the vet and spend a lot of money when you can self-groom it. This electric dog nail trimmer makes it extremely convenient and hassle-free for you to groom your pet.
  • Wide use: Not just for dogs but it can also be used to trim cat nails. Nails of pets of all sizes and ages can be trimmed with this.

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