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SafeCut Baby Nail Trimmer Set

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About this item
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  • Cut your baby's nails comfortably
  • Free from unexpected cuts
  • Equipped with 4-speed mode
  • Great for adults as well
  • Power supply: 2 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Size: 130 x 45 x 30cm (approx.)
Item description from the seller
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Keeping kids’ nails trimmed is crucial since they scratch their skin with them.

But cutting their nails is the real problem since a pair of scissors or a nail cutter can hurt their delicate skin.

So what is the solution?

Use this SafeCut Baby Nail Trimmer Set and cut your baby's nails without the risk of hurting your baby’s skin. This trimmer is perfect for kids, adults, and old people at the same time.

So insert 2 x AA batteries in it and start using it right away.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 speed mode: This trimmer is equipped with four-speed modes and can be used with both right and left hands. For the right hand, spin the button clockwise at R1 and R2 for high and low speeds. Rotate the button to zero to turn off this cutter. For left hand, revolve the button counterclockwise at L1 and L2 for low and high speed. 
  • Wide applications: This trimmer has six grinding heads so you can take care of all your nail grooming needs and get beautiful, well-shaped nails. Its grinding heads are suitable for sharpening nails, getting rid of calluses or dead skin, and polishing nails.
  • No unexpected cut: This trimmer has a stable light source that provides you with a clear viewing even if you are using it in low light. It prevents you from causing any cuts and keeps your hands safe.
  • Noiseless operation: With a noise level of only 35dB, the motor of the grinder makes close to mute sound and is ideal for giving a manicure to your sleeping child.  This makes it easy to cut the nails of infants.
  • Package includes: 1 x machine, 6 grinding heads