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Electric Oil Transfer Pump

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About this item
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  • Ideal for transporting non-corrosive liquids
  • Can pump water out of a clogged sink
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Reduce spillages
  • Battery operated: Two 2D batteries (not included)
  • Speed: 6 quarts/min
  • Rod length: 65cm approx., Tube length: 58cm approx.
Item description from the seller
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If you're tired of manually syphoning gas, water, or other non-corrosive liquids, this Electric Oil Transfer Pump will save you a lot of time.

The pump is ideal if you need to transfer water from a tank to buckets without using extra effort or getting your hands and clothes dirty, or if your car runs out of gas in the middle of the route, or if you need to refill the generator.

What you’ll get:

  • Handheld siphon pump: This portable siphon pump can be used to move any non-corrosive liquid, including water (not for drinking), oil, gasoline, and more.
  • Durable made: Unlike cheaper pumps with flimsy connections, this one is made of sturdy plastic and has bolted together.
  • Super functional: It has multiple uses, including unclogging a sink, draining an aquarium, and refueling a lawnmower or other power tool.
  • Portable & lightweight: With its lightweight design (225g) and slim profile, this assembly can be easily transported in a variety of vehicles or stowed away in a bag. Therefore, this fuel siphon will be useful in an emergency.
  • Reduce spillages: Whenever something is transferred manually, there is inevitably some spillage and waste. That won't occur anymore thanks to this product. If the liquid is about to spill over, quickly turn off the pump using the ON/OFF switch.
  • Wide application: This handy tool can be put to use in a wide variety of settings, including the kitchen, the bathroom, the storage shed, the garage, the aquarium, the shop, the bucket, the tank, and the laundry tub.

How to use this pump for fluid transfer?

  • First, remove the cover by twisting it off to reveal the battery compartment, then install the batteries and replace the cover.
  • Insert the vacuum tube into the supply container.
  • Insert the opposite end into the receiving port and press the button to initiate the transfer. Pressing the button again will immediately halt the transfer.
  • Keep the pump upright and raise the handle above the supply container to return liquid to the container. Do not place the pump on the ground until the tube and pump are completely dry.
  • Rinse the interior with water after each use to prolong the life of your pump.

Special Notes:

Do not turn on the switch when the pipe for sucking air is outside of the container for supplying air.

It is normal for a small amount of liquid to be moved by the electric liquid transfer pump to leak out of the tube. This leak happens because the pressure is let out so that the liquid doesn't get into the battery area.

Use with any liquid that doesn't eat away at the metal, like gas, diesel, water (but not drinking water), etc.