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Tribuluslu Macun is a powerful Turkish natural paste based on tribulus and other aphrodisiac medicinal plants that can most effectively improve the health and sexual function of men and women.
The positive effect of an aphrodisiac:
Prolongs sexual intercourse;
Cures impotence;
Increases the potency of men and women;
Improves sperm quality;
Stimulates the production of testosterone;
Enhances orgasm;
Improves memory and blood circulation of the brain
The paste has a therapeutic effect on the urinary-genital system, restoring the functions of the pelvic organs.
Effectively fights infertility - improving the quality of the seed in men and eliminating inflammation in women.
Helps to cope with psychological stress, suppressing depression and stress - restoring the psycho-emotional state of a person. Improves vitality and normalizes sleep!
Full composition of Tribuluslu Macun:
Tribulus terrestris extract, American ginseng, carob pollen (powder), oatmeal, ginger, galga, cinnamon, Siberian ginseng, red ginseng, nettle, ginkgo biloba extract, pure vanillin, pure royal jelly extract, ferula root, clove, plant cola, filtered flower honey, carob syrup, fructose.
Method of application and dosage.
Treatment and sex: for the treatment and prevention of potency, raising sexual libido, improving erection, take 1 teaspoon 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Tribulus majun is number one on the list of natural harmless aphrodisiacs that really fight sexual activity problems in men and women - that's a fact!
In both sexes, the sensitivity to touch during intimacy improves significantly, the effect of orgasm increases, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases.
For athletes: - To improve athletic performance, take 1 teaspoon 20-30 minutes before exercise.
The paste serves as a testosterone booster that stimulates the production of testosterone in men. And thanks to this, the product will have a good effect on sports activities;
Tribulus paste increases brain activity during exercise. The athlete expresses vivacity, clarity of action, improves motor skills of movements. This product is suitable for almost any sport - from light to weightlifting!
The product is not recommended for use by persons under 18 years of age.
It is strictly forbidden to combine with alcohol.
Pregnant, lactating.
If you have diabetes or heart disease, you should consult your doctor.
Individual intolerance to the ingredients in the composition.
After a stroke or myocardial infarction.