Facial Tissue Dispenser Box With Lid

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Simple design
  • Classy tissue box
  • Keep your tissues germ free
  • Use as napkins, facial, & toilet tissue holder
  • Rectangular lid to keep the interior sanitary
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If you are conscious about your healthy skin, facial tissues and sanitary napkins are a basic hygiene necessity. There's no denying that.

However, who said they have to be in an ugly-looking box which you have to hide every time your guests are around? Yeah, no one! Of course, your skincare tissues are in the bedroom.

But in the open!! Pfft, imagine all the germs and bacteria having a blast on them, enjoying the best time of their life.

Be the party pooper and save your tissues from all the mess! Invest in this facial tissue dispenser box that will keep your hygiene up to the mark.

Bonus: Our rectangular tissue holder comes with a lid to hold your used napkins or other debris.

What you'll get:

  • Scandinavian tissue box covers: If you like to keep everything simple, classy, and modern, these tissue box dispensers can be the best to include in your décor.

  • Multi-purpose: This cute tissue holder is suitable to luxurize your bathroom vanity, decorating your living room, or storing dry napkins for your kitchen.

  • Minimizes your hassle: Save yourself from the hassle of hiding your unsightly tissue paper box when the guests come over. Put it inside this dispenser box and confidently place it in front of your guests.