Face Masks & Coverings

Face Masks & Coverings

What’s the first thing that comes to our mind when we think and talk about beauty?
Yes, the face! Our face is the first thing other people see - if it’s glowing, fresh and confident, you will be imparting a refreshing aura; if it’s dull, dark and full of marks, you will spread negativity.


Our skincare facemasks address a range of skincare concerns and make you beautiful and appealing. It includes korean, japanese, peel off and anti-aging masks for both males and females. 


In our korean and japanese masks, we have rejuvenating facial masks that brighten your skin, activate your skin pores, remove dirt, balance the skin tone and whiten it. They are infused with skin-friendly nutrients like honey, plant extracts, milk, glycerin, collagen, etc. 


In our peel off facial masks, the majority are those that remove blackheads, clear dirt, remove tanning and detox it. It includes ingredients like glycerin, xanthan gun, lactic acid, papain, seed oil, etc. 


The comes our anti aging masks that generally tightens the skin. It includes resveratrol as the main ingredient paired by vitaminc and azelaic acid, etc. Have a face that make eyeballs roll and heads turn with our skincare face maks today.