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The face isn’t only a prime part of beauty but health too. Germs of many viruses can enter your body through the nose, mouth, and eye and can badly impact your health. So let’s ensure your face protection with our face masks and coverings. 

From surgical masks, cloth masks, and face shields to N95 and KN95 masks and different varieties of face coverings masks, you’ll find everything to keep yourself shielded from viruses at Inspire Uplift. 

Face Masks & Face Coverings of All Types | Protect Your Face with Pleasant

To help you keep your face safe anywhere and at any moment while feeling comfortable, we have a wide collection of face masks and face coverings in different designs and fabrics. 

Whatever type of face mask and face covering you're looking for, whether it’s silk print face masks, floral face masks, print face masks, tie-dye face masks, jersey face masks, peony-print cotton face masks, floral print cotton face masks or patchwork organic cotton face masks, our large selection of face masks will meet your requirements. 

So buy face masks and coverings at Inspire Uplift and maintain your desired level of face hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can an allergy be relieved by wearing a face mask?

By keeping your face from allergens, pollution, and viruses, a face mask protects you from different allergies and reduces asthma. 

What size should a face mask be?

It’s up to your face which type of face mask you should choose. Face masks that are 7.5 x 5 inches are ideal for kids, 9 x 6 inches are suitable for average-sized faces (adults), and 10 x 7 inches are perfect for big faces.

Can I reuse the same face mask?

No, it’s not recommended to reuse the face mask. However, a surgical face mask can be used up to five times if it is kept in a dry place for seven days after each use.