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Lanyards & Badge Holders

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Why do you need lanyards and badge holders?

To show off your badge...

Protecting your items from misplacing…

And to show what your do the right way (your profession)...

No matter for which purpose you’re looking for lanyards and badge holders, whether for holding keys, IDs, wallets, flashlights, eyeglasses, beaded lanyards, cell phones, or USB flash drives, here at Inspire Uplift, we have all types of relevant items for you.

You’ll find a diverse variety of lanyards fabric at Inspire Uplift — satin, nylon, polyester, and cotton-made lanyards.

We also have vertical armbands, waterproof and vinyl card badge holders, and unique collection of badge holders available right for you. Check out our lanyards and badge holders and choose which one you find suitable.